Make your property unique with epoxy commercial floors

Boost your business appeal in Schuylkill County, PA with commercial epoxy floors. With their combination of style and durability, they are the perfect flooring solution to make a lasting impression on both employees and customers alike.

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Commercial floor coatings

If you’re looking for the highest quality commercial epoxy flooring in Reading, PA, you’re in the right place. Here at Thunderstruck Coatings, we bring together the highest quality products and professional, seamless services to bring your commercial surface to life.

Commercial flooring needs to be tough, long-lasting, strong and attractive. Our epoxy flooring and polished concrete products tick all those boxes and more for you.

Commercial polished concrete and epoxy floors are durable and resistant to abrasion, damage, and chemicals. Heavy foot traffic or hardworking environments are no match for these floors, and when they do need some cleaning or maintenance, it’s a quick and easy job.

Our Schuylkill County commercial flooring products are fast and easy to install and offer a range of safety features for the workplace. This includes slip resistance, a low temperature resistance, durability and reflective coating options as required.

Whether you’re in a warehouse or an office suite, there’s an aesthetic option for you. We offer a range of patterns, colours, and styles, including polished, metallic, and flake coat finishes, which are ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor commercial environments.

Commercial Garage Floor Coating In Pottsville PA

Commercial floor finishes

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Metallic epoxy

Bring your surface to life with flooring that is not only durable and long-lasting but also eye-catching and downright striking.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Pottsville PA

Epoxy Flake

Create an aesthetically striking floor that can stand up to the rigours of constant heavy foot traffic! Flake Floor Coatings are an affordable, durable epoxy floor that’s an all-round winner in a range of environments.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring In Pottsville PA

Quartz Flooring

Flooring solution for high traffic and demanding areas with a non-slip surface for added traction and durability, that that utilizes colored quartz sand aggregate suspended in a epoxy or polyaspartic coating

Polished Concrete In Pottsville PA

Polished Concrete

Turn your existing concrete floors into stuning durable finishes with polished concrete. From industrial facilities to high-end commercial properties, polished concrete can tick all interior requirements.

Warehouse flooring

For Reading warehouses that need a durable, safe and easily maintained floor covering option, warehouse epoxy flooring and polished concrete are ideal choices.

These types of industrial-grade coating provide the perfect answer to many different issues such as waterproofing, slip prevention, and chemical and impact resistance. Warehouses reap the benefits of easy maintenance and long-term value with these type of flooring. Whether used for aesthetic or functional needs, warehouse epoxy flooring and polished concrete services are reliable choices for Schuylkill County businesses seeking both quality and affordability.

Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

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