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Bring your home to live and increase your curb appeal with Thunderstruck Coatings decorative epoxy floor and polished concrete floors.

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A long-lasting flooring solution for your home

Hardwearing and durable, epoxy flooring is well known as one of the best flooring options for commercial applications. But did you know that epoxy flooring is also the secret ingredient that brings impressive residential spaces to life?

With epoxy resin flooring, Schuylkill County homes, can get more out of their floors. Our epoxy floor coatings result in long-lasting durability, unbeatable strength, and a visually stunning finish that suits your environment.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, residential epoxy flooring can make for a great addition to your home. These low-maintenance and long-lasting floors are ideal for every corner of your home.

We can quickly, seamlessly, and professionally install a residential epoxy flooring solution. We guarantee that your new flooring will be installed at a time that suits you to ensure minimal disruption to your day to day life. If you’re a residential builder, we can also work with you to create brilliant residential flooring for new homes.

Residential Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

We are so confident in our process, that we have backed all of our floor coatings with a 15 year warranty against chipping or peeling.

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Benefits of residential epoxy floors

Picture a natural look by the edge of your swimming pool, a glossy finish in your modern kitchen, or a seamless, rugged design in your garage/man cave. With our customizable epoxy floors and polished concrete, you can do just that.

Epoxy flooring solutions are known for the durability and strength in commercial environments, and that’s no different in residential settings. This allows you to create flooring that will last for years to come with little to no maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Concrete floors coated in epoxy last longer and resist considerable wear, thus saving you money and allowing you to manage other business concerns.
  • StrengthOnce the epoxy has been converted to a solid polymer, it becomes incredibly strong and prevents chemical breakdown.
  • Once concrete has the epoxy coating, it is no longer porous since sealed and is, therefore, easier to clean.
  • Epoxy floors are available in an array of colours and patterns to fit your specific style.
  • High gloss finish can be provided, which improves lighting in your home to a significant degree due to reflection.
  • Hypoallergenic - doesn't harbor bacteria, dust, allergens or dust mites.
  • Our floors are protected against fading, discoloration and yellowing thanks to our polyaspartic UV stable sealer.
Pottsville Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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Protect your outdoor surfaces with epoxy flake and quartz flooring

Whether you want to improve the look of your porch or patio or you want to brighten and repair your worn out driveway, at Thunderstruck Coatings we have a durable and long-lasting solution for you.

Worn out and damage outdoor concrete surface can not only be an eye sore but they can also lead to moisture damage to your home if left untreated.
Epoxy flake floors and Quartz floors are two great decorative and extremely durable floor options for outdoor surfaces.

They provide protection from the weather elements, prevent cracks and chips, prevent moisture from soaking into the concrete and protect your surfaces from chemicals, machine oils and stains.

Flake and Quartz floors can also increase safety around your pool, driveway or walkway thanks to their orange peel like finish that provides a slip resistant surface.

Available in a range of colored chip combinations and quartz granules blends, these flooring systems are guaranteed to elevate your Pottsville curb appean, increase your property value and protect your home from the elements.

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Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing In Pottsville PA

Choosing residential polished concrete for your home

Whether it’s in the kitchen, the garage, or throughout the whole home, polished concrete can create a modern and attractive finish for your home.

Adding elegance and sophistication, while providing hard-wearing durability has never been so easy. Polished concrete is your low maintenance alternative to stone and tile, and is ideal for most indoor settings. It is highly customisable with a variety of colors, aggregate exposures, and matte and gloss finishes - giving you the exact look you're after. The detailed mechanical process means the upfront costs are usually higher than traditional flooring alternatives, but requires much less maintenance over the longer-term.

Grind And Seal Concrete Floor

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